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Mount Rose’s I-83 Interchange: A ground hog’s look under and a bird’s-eye view over this cloverleaf

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Looking south through the abandoned railroad tunnel beneath Interstate 83.   Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News
You might have thought that Howard Tunnel was York County, Pa.’s, only railroad tunnel. Then York Daily Record photographer Paul Kuehnel shows another one (kind of) – the old Maryland and Pennsylvania’s right-of-way under Interstate 83. When the interstate was constructed in the late 1950s, railroading on the Ma & Pa was a consideration in its construction. By the way, this stretch would make a great rail trail, huh? Below, check out the view of the interchange, soon to receive a costly facelift, from a higher elevation. Also of interest: Check out artist Cliff Satterthwaite’s view of the Mount Rose area.

Utility work in the southwest corner of the <strong>Mount Rose Avenue interchange. Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News
Paul Kuehnel traversed that snowy field above and to the west of the interchange to get this scene. For a gallery of pictures from Paul’s assignment that day, check out: Interchange construction. This view of the 83 interchange comes from higher up and with the camera pointing a different way.


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Gary ‘Pappy’ Heiland has supplied many interesting photos for YorkTownSquare – and here’s another one. This is the 1959 Green’s Dairy 25 Year Club. Well-known photographer Jim Hayman captured this scene, believed to be at the Yorktowne Hotel. Gary’s father, John M. Heiland is seen in the front row, left. Well, here’s Gary’s ID of the entire group:

First Row, My Dad, John M. Heiland, Charles King, Founder of Green’s Dairy Clarence Green, Arthur Lentz, Mary Taylor, Kenneth Marsteller, William Kauffman, and James Sutcliffe who was probably from the Sutcliffe Dairy who merged with Green’s.

Second Row, J. Franklin Sheffer, Elmer Hartman, Chester “Andy Gump” Merket, Howard Albright, Robert Sheffer, Ken Landis, Wilmer Sheffer, Charles Aldinger, Raymond Rinehart, Russell Howe (son of Howe’s Dairy Founder Walter Howe which dairy had also recently merged with Green’s), Clarence Crist, Russell Myers.

Here’s some York dairy history from Gary:

“The Sutcliffe Dairy building still stands at the north west corner of Richland Avenue and West Mason Avenue.


“Howe’s Dairy building still stands on Roosevelt Avenue between Pelham Lane and Tioga Street with the Howe’s Dairy name still visible on the building façade.

“Howe’s Dairy building still stands on Roosevelt Avenue between Pelham Lane and Tioga Street with the Howe’s Dairy name still visible on the façade.”


Cliff Satterthwaite, that grand documentary artist of York, Pa, in the 1960s and 1970s, occasionally left town to play his craft. Here, he captures a scene at the Kutztown Folk Festival circa 1960s.


Ground Hog day: Speaking of ground hog views of Mount Rose, here’s a view of a ground hog, courtesy of the York County Heritage Trust’s Facebook page:




History Mystery: A bit of York County transportation history: