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Monumental mystery: Wandering woman cemetery marker may be found

A New York cemetery official, seeking this statue ‘Silence’, may have located his subject in a real-life history mystery. The marker originally stood in Jamestown’s West View Cemetery but has been missing for decades. For background, see:  Wandering Woman, Part I.

Sam Genco, rep from the Jamestown, N.Y., cemetery trying to locate the Wandering Woman marker, believes it has been located.

Here’s his explanation:

“I wanted to let you know that my wandering cemetery statue may have been found, thanks largely to your article.  ‘Silence’ appears to be sitting silently in a cemetery in Carlisle, just off York Road.

“Two people emailed me that they have seen it there.  After a couple of phone calls, I feel 95% sure it’s the right statue.  I have seen some images of it on Google Earth that pretty much confirm it, but I’m still trying to find someone down there who will send me some good digital photos.

“I am so grateful to you and everyone who has helped to (hopefully) finally solve this mystery.  If all goes well, I’m going to go there Saturday to take photos, and hopefully meet with the cemetery owner, and the family that owns the statue, if possible.  Of course, I will keep you informed, and send you a follow up article & photos. ”

Here is one of those emails, from reader Judi Brickey:

“My husband and I recognized this statue immediately  when we saw the photo. We are used to seeing it in Carlisle across the road from the MJ Carlisle Mall. It is in an overgrown area that may be an old cemetery. I haven’t been in Carlisle in a few months so I can’t swear that it is there today. Hopefully this sighting will lead you closer to it’s location as it is a beautiful statue and always looked out of place in the weeds and brush.”

If you have any other information about “Silence,” the Wandering Woman, contact Sam Genco: lakeviewcemetary@windstream.net

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