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‘Bubbles’: Linking world-renowned York countian Jeff Koons and the world’s Michael Jackson

York County’s Jeff Koons’ statue of Michael Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles is among Koons best known. Background posts: List of luminaries with Dover links lengthens and Proposed ‘Creation of a Nation’ museum name glib, but lacks grounding and All York County celebrities posts from the start and Othmar Carli: ‘Restoration is much better than selling shoes to make a living’.

And here’s more proof that when something happens in the world, there’s always a York County tie-in.
Pop icon Michael Jackson, dead at the age of 50, has never been to York County. But there’s always a York link to such a captivating/controversial person as Jackson.
Jeff Koons, who grew up in Dover, brings that link.
Koons, world-renowned pop artist, created the life-size, white porcelain “Michael Jackson and Bubbles.’ It’s owned by the San Franciso Museum of Modern Art, and one reviewer who saw it there called it “memorably creepy.”
Here are some links for “Bubbles” and Jeff Koons:

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– Jeff Koons and Bubbles at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Click here.
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