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Memories and musings about the old Eastern Market: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, May 6, 2012

Also below: Route 30 in film/Good, bad times at BAE/Civil War display
The old Eastern Market, mostly shrouded by a garage from public view along East Market Street, was one  of five covered markethouses operating for years in York. It also served as the Agricultural Museum as part of the old Agricultural and Industrial Museum tandem in the 1990s. The York County Heritage Trust has since sold the building and moved its contents to the current AIM site on West Princess Street.  Jean Dagenhart crafted this needlework of the AIM Museum consisting of more than 6,000 stitches. It was presented to Daniel G. Meckley III as retiring president of AIM in the 1990s. It is one of many photographs and images in Meckley’s newest publication “Memories and Musings of an Old Man.” (See additional images below.) Also of interest: York Market House No. 3 – The Eastern Market.

Neat stuff from all over … .

In blogging about recently released local history books, I noticed Dan Meckley‘s “Memories and Musings of an Old Man” was on the list.

Dan, a former CEO, has continued to compile family and York County history in a series of privately published books.

They’re interesting compilations, taking the reader across a wide swath of history. They’re filled with images, including the three with this blog post… .

And the “Musings” and his other works have stories that capture the 20th century.

For example, he tells about his time at Hiestand School in Old East York, built 100 years ago this year. In one story, he tells about being lefthanded in a school that, like many schools of its day, encouraged or forced southpaw students to write with their right hands.

“My teacher Miss Gibbs was ahead of her time,” he wrote. “She did not make me shift hands.”

Good stuff like that.

This was supposed to be Dan’s last book.

But he says he’s working on another one.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Most viewed on yorktownsquare.com in April: This was the number 1 most visited: Who is the young woman in the photo?  It’s sequel is leading in May: Who is the young woman in the photo? Mystery solved.

Never before in public view: A collection of  150 rarely seen Civil War relics will soon be displayed in Gettysburg.

Bad days and good at BAE: York County defense contractor had a past couple of weeks of mixed fortunes, furloughing more than 200 employees and landing a multi-million defense contract. Here’s a bit of history on the Bair Station corporation: York County’s BAE links BMY and Bofors and battered vehicles in Bair.

Forum of the day: ‘Route 30, Too’ a comedy sequel about the old Lincoln Highway will open later this year: Some people avoid riding on Route 30 in this region because of its congestion and dangers. Are you one of them? Comment below.


Gazette and Daily cartoonist Walt Partymiller also painted this scene of  Rambo Run Cabin, part of a private fishing club in southeastern York County. Dan Meckley has been a longtime member of the club.


This is the front cover of “Memories & Musings of an Old Man,’  by Daniel G. Meckley III. The book is available for public view at the York County Heritage Trust Archives.