York Town Square

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‘Memorable Moments’ calendar features keepsake York County photos

This is one of the pages from the York Daily Record/Sunday News calendar. See below for artist Stephen Etnier’s view of the Susquehanna River at Wrightsville and how to get York County artist Rob Evans book showing art of the river.
York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Chris Glass gives a topsy turvey view of the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg in this page taken from the newspaper’s 2006 calendar
The calendar featured varied scenes of York County and environs by YDR/YSN photographers Glass, Bil Bowden, Jason Plotkin, Kristen Murphy and Paul Kuehnel.
Which reminds me of a favorite Bowden story. Just like Glass, Bil was working on an assignment in an open cockpit plane. In the middle of a loop, Bill raised up to the extent his seatbelt would allow to photograph the pilot. In so doing, his pager popped loose and tumbled into a Wellsville field.
I’ve always imagined a farmer harrowing the field and slamming on his tractor’s breaks upon hearing: “Bil Bowden, call the office. Bil, call the office.”
In another opportunity to see the Susquehanna from different vantage points, an 80-page soft-cover book, priced at $25, is available showing the Susquehanna as seen by a Wrightsville-area artist Rob Evans and variety of artists throughout history….

York native Stephen Etnier’s painting, below, of the two Susquehanna River bridges is included in the book.
Notice that it appears that if there was another deck on the flat-topped 1897 iron railroad bridge, at left, cars could ramp up to it and move across the river. Some researchers have maintained that the bridge was designed with a second deck in mind, but never completed.
At any rate, the 1930 Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge was a much-needed improvement over its older single-lane counterpart.
To get a book, call Lancaster Museum of Art at 394-3497.
Edited, 8/7/10.