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York County expert Dan Meckley: ‘I refuse to be politically correct’

Dan Meckley’s recently compiled memoir is available for viewing at the York County Heritage Trust’s archives, 250 E. Market St., York. Background posts: TV show box set ‘Terry & the Pirates’ to be part of a museum exhibit someday?, Rambo run: One small stream … so much stress and York Safe & Lock worker recalls chat with Hedy Lamarr.

“I have found trout fly fishermen to be of sterling quality,” Dan Meckley wrote in his memoir. “As a group they can be ranked with skiers, squash players, sailors, martini drinkers, and Republicans.”
As for worm fishermen?
“On the other hand, worm fishermen can be ranked with snowmobilers, snowboarders, racquetball players, power boaters, beer drinkers and Democrats,” he wrote… .

That section of his memoirs contains an asterisk: “I refuse to be politically correct.”
That’s vintage Meckley, and such observations are abundant throughout “The Life and Times of Daniel G. Meckley III.”
Dan has compiled a lifetime of his writing projects about his native York County and the corporate world into a thick bound volume.
He’ll produce only limited copy of his work for libraries. His historical work is a solid contribution to the record in York County. The compilation contains research on York County trolleys and the Codorus Creek and local industrial history, among many other topics.
In short, Dan Meckley knows York County.
All kidding aside, trout fishing has special meaning for Dan Meckley. His father loved trout fishing and the escape it offered from the Depression.
“The Great Depression seemed to push my mother and father into a grim silence of survival and a remoteness from their children,” he wrote. “Trout fishing was the only adult bond between my father and myself.”
I consider Dan a mentor.
He helped launch my work in public history when he served as publications committee chairman for York County’s 250th anniversary celebration in 1999. I wrote in a York Sunday News column (11/9/08):
“Every conversation with Dan becomes a moment for me to inquire about an aspect of York County from someone who has not only pondered its reaches, but has walked through them.”