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The Pennsylvania long rifle? Should have been. Linked in with neat York County history stuff – May 19, 2011

This image of Daniel Boone’s homestead is another in the series commissioned by Metro Bank to give their branches a sense of place. They captivate the viewer. This mural can be seen on the wall of the Exeter Township, Berks County, branch. Boone was born in Berks County and spent much of his youth there. His later association with Kentucky helped attach the name Kentucky long rifle to certain flintlock muskets. Well, many Kentucky long rifles were made in York County and elsewhere in Pennsylvania. For example, George Shumway’s book “George Schreyer, Sr. & Jr., Gunmakers of Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania,” says of just this one gunsmith: “The total production of guns and rifles from his shop may have exceeded 500 pieces.” The heavily traveled Monocacy Road traversing York County gave county gunsmiths many traveling customers in the last half of the 18th century and in the early 1800s. Daniel Boone’s homestead, a state historical site, is only a day trip away from York County. Also of interest: York countians major makers of Kentucky, make that Pennsylvania, long rifles and ‘York: A Key City in the Keystone State’ and About Davy Crockett in York: ‘He is the biggest fool I ever saw’

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Yorkblogger June Lloyd identified the architect of the beautiful Old York Post Office, across from Central Market, the building that looks like a lighthouse. (To find out the designer, visit her post: Old York Post Office Designed by Distinguished National Architect,)
She also made an interesting post office-related suggestion: …

“Since the current downtown York post office at George and Princess Streets is planning to move because they have too much space, wouldn’t the old post office be a great site? If many an area had a building of this architectural importance, they would be jumping at the chance to restore it.
“Not only that, but the old post office is right in the middle of the market/arts district that is making a stir. I know times are lean right now, but let’s keep an eye on the future.”

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Forum of the day: Exchangers are nominating their picks for servants of civility here. The York Daily Record/Sunday News has put forth 20 people who promote civility and is looking for suggestions from readers.

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What happens after the polls close? Check out this York Daily Record/Sunday News video.
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Photo for Metro Bank drawing courtesy Historical Society of Berks County.