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York College of Pennsylvania prof to speak about York’s ‘Voices from the Past’

This painting, owned by the York County Heritage Trust, was one of 16 that became part of the 1927 celebration marking the 150th anniversary of the adoption of the Articles of Confederation in York County. Given the war conditions, scarce food and high costs might have meant that the woman and toddler were not as nourished as they appear in the painting. An upcoming York College class will study food, disease and their impact on early York County. Background posts: “York’s Central Market sells steak … and sizzle,” and Demolished Red Lion Grange Hall still tells tale of changing York County and Lighthouse marks site of landmark Dover Township soft pretzel stand.

York College is offering a course on how food, health, disease and accidents affected the life span of York countians.
The course, titled “Voices from the Past: A History of York County, 1730 – 1930,” picks up pioneers as they first legally settled west of the Susquehanna River and follows their ancestors until just before the Great Depression… .

Jack Levisky, a York College professor, is teaching the course. A news release states that he will discuss the many factors that influence the lives of people, particularly
in York County.
“Through the use of the records of 90,000 people who have died
in York, he will explore what the living conditions were that contributed to the
length of life. The course topics will include epidemics, names and burial
practices,” the release states.
Levisky’s class will meet from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 7, 14 and 21. He can be reached at jlevisky@ycp.edu or 717-815-1418.
In an off-again, on-again manner over the decades, York College professors have added to scholarship of local history:
Carl Hatch and G.A. Mellander, for example, produced a study on local voting patterns that is still useful today. Phil Avillo was guest curator of an exhibit on longtime Gazette and Daily cartoonist Walt Partymiller. Paul Doutrich’s doctoral work provides the best available insight into the impact of the American Revolution on York County.
Let’s hope Levisky’s class is the beginning of consistent contributions by the college’s scholars on the growing body of scholarship on York County’s rich past.
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