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Part II: Transportation-oriented Emigsville a walkable York-area community with lots of community

The old Emigsville Post Office came up at a Story Night in that Manchester Township community this week. This photo, from emigsville.org, comes from a newspaper clipping. Its caption claims that the post office building was the smallest in the eastern United States and that postmaster Clarence Charleston said he worked out a mail distribution system to ensure that no inconvenience resulted for the village’s several hundred residents. The pine board structure measured 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. Also of interest: 50-year York County construction company’s closure: ‘It was a bittersweet day for all of us’ and Yes sir, in York County, Pa., it’s pronounced ‘Yorkshur,’ just like pudding and Cumberland County reseacher seeks info on Emigsville’s American Acme-built fire engine.

The York County Heritage Rail Trail has met occasional opposition as it has expanded over the years.
Some people don’t want to give up right of way, and others aren’t pleased with the outside folks the rail trail would attract.
Strange. The trains and trolleys that ran along the old lines did just that.
Anyway, now we have a community who wants to attract rail trailers onto its streets… .

A community group in the Manchester village of Emigsville has noted that its the closest settlement to the northern extension of the rail trail – the spur that’s under development from John Rudy Park to a meet up in the city of York at the old Colonial Courthouse.
This is the group – the Emigsville Heritage Project – that sponsors Story Night and emigsville.org, citizens who are seeking to better their unincorporated town.
I spoke at Story Night this week, and before I went up, the audience learned from a Emigsville Heritage Project leader that the group would seek to attract rail trailers to the town’s shops and restaurants.
All this is an interesting example of personal – and civic – responsibility. Someone sees a problem – or an opportunity – and they set out to address it.
The Emigsville website explores the question: What if Emigsville was connected to the Northern Extension of the Heritage Rail Trail County Park?
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Transportation-oriented Emigsville a walkable York-area community with lots of community
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