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York native and Special Olympian Loretta Claiborne: ‘Role model for others with disabilities’

Educational publishing house WorldScapes has released a book on Special Olympian Loretta Claiborne called “In her Stride.” Background posts: Vilma Garcia-Jones remembered as prime spokesman for Latinos in York County, Who were most prominent 20th-century sports heroes in York and Adams counties? and Stetler Dodge transition indicative of other York-area changes .
In a recent post, I suggested that horticulturalist and York Imperial Apple developer Jonathan Jessop should be placed on the list of York County luminaries begging for more research.
Now, I’ll take one off.
Loretta Claiborne is one of the important people on that York Town Square list who has long deserved a book-length treatment of her life. The Special Olympian earned a Disney movie a few years ago… .

To learn more about this made-for-TV story about Loretta Claiborne, click here.
Now she has her book, or maybe it’s a booklet, “In Her Stride,” written by Peter Rees and illustrated by Margaret Power
A Web site promoting the book touts it this way:
“Discover how Loretta’s natural ability and determination helped her become one of the greatest ever Special Olympians.
She has overcome physical and intellectual challenges to become a popular public speaker and role model for others with disabilities.”
The $7.95 book’s table of contents lists 24 pages and can be ordered via the book’s Web site. It can also be ordered in bulk for educational purposes.
And there’s even more information available on the York woman whose name is on the side of a major office building at 605 S. George Street, in York. Visit her Web site: http://www.lorettaclaiborne.com/