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Looking to know York County better? Search out its veterans memorials

051013-CD-veterans-memorials-44.jpgThis veterans memorial sits in front of Spring Grove, Pa., VFW 5265 at 199 W. 1st Avenue. Dozens of such veterans memorials are posted around York County. Check out this slideshow of photographs showing about 75 of these attractive, meaningful markers. Many will be the focal point of services this Memorial Day. Also of interest: War memorials stand proudly in towns around York County.

Here’s a way to know York County better.

Check out these photographs with the related map of war memorials around York County. Choose a couple, and go out and hunt them down.

You’ll find yourself in the hinterland of York County, seeing areas that you might never have experienced.

I’ve been on the war memorial hunt for years, and it’s helpful that because of the efforts of Al Rose, the York County Heritage Trust and the York Daily Record/Sunday News, I’m now aware of many that’s I’ve never seen.

I’m looking forward to seeing them – remembering why they’re there.



Every night, Al Rose works on his York County community memorials project, while visiting his wife, Mary, who has Alzheimer’s. For a previous story on Al Rose’s efforts, check out: York County memorials.

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