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Celebrity squirrels in Farquhar Park? Linked in with neat York County history stuff – June 17, 2011

Neat stuff below: Those famous Farquhar Park squirrels/Revere’s kinsman

The recently opened York Energy Center in Peach Bottom Township in southeastern York County adds to the number of power generating plants in and around York County. The natural-gas powered plant produces enough electricity for 450,000 homes. About this new plant, a York Daily Record/Sunday News editorial counted: “As it is, the county has, or borders on: two nuclear power plants, a large coal-fired generating station, an electricity-generating trash incinerator and four dams generating hydro-electric power. Across the Susquehanna River are two new wind turbines. And a natural gas line is under construction across our county to add to two World War II-vintage petroleum lines.” As for future projects, the YDR said, in effect, “Enough already.” Also of interest: Where exactly is the Susquehanna River’s Holtwood Dam? and Turkey Point wind turbine power enough to make 6 million gallons of ice cream annually and For decades, York countians have worked to harness windpower.

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Veteran York County photographer Bill Schintz called recently with a query.
He had long remembered a story about a York County tie to President Dwight Eisenhower.
When Ike was was in White House in the 1950s, squirrels bothered his golf game on the executive mansion’s grounds.
So, the squirrels were shipped to Farquhar Park in York. If that story is true, Bill noted, descendants of the nation’s First Squirrels are scampering around Farquhar Park today.
All this sounds a little far-fetched.
But does anybody know if we have celebrity squirrels in Farquhar Park today? …

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