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Why Pennsylvania should keep its sticky fingers off Whoopie pies: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, July 25, 2011

Everyone knows whoopie pies are a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy, right? Well, the debate continues between Maine and Pennsylvania about ownership of the sticky dish. Richard Connor, a newspaperman in both states, has a bit of insight on the topic. And without equivocation, he votes for Maine. “A whoopie pie almost made me sick last week,” he wrote in the Portland (Me.) Press Herald titled “Pennsylvania can keep its sticky fingers off our pies.” “Well, not the pie, but an editorial about the ubiquitous staple of Maine desserts.” Check out how he argues his case here. What do you think? Does that surprise you that some other locale would try to sink their claws into our just dessert? Also of interest: Harleys and chicken corn soup: The sound and taste of York County, Pa. and YorkEats: Hogmaw & such blog category and Beck’s Ice Cream in The Avenues feeds your sense of discovery about York County, Pa.

Neat stuff from all over … .
Stanford has mapped the startup of newspapers across America from 1690 to 2011.
Some interesting statistics came from the work, as reported on poynter.org.
In the 1880s, about 4,400 newspapers operated in America. That number boomed in the 1890s to more than 13,000. In this day of large digital media offerings and short attention spans, the number of newspapers is about the same in 2011 as in the boomtime 1890s… .

And an interesting loud resurgence in couponing – extreme couponing as reported on the York Sunday News’ front page (7/25/11) – is quietly giving newspaper single-copy numbers an upward nudge.
The economy is not great, but business results show that people and advertisers aren’t heeding the call by desperate competitors to “fire the newspaper.” Maybe the quip by ex-newspaperman Mark Twain in the gay’90s that “the report of my death was an exaggeration” can be applied to newspapers today.
That Stanford map can be viewed at: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov.
News story of note: Will Camp Security advocates find funding to purchase the last remaining parcel that could be the site of York County Revolutionary War prisoner-of-war Camp Security? If passed, a U.S. House bill could provide such funding.
Recommended post of the day: June Lloyd in Universal York tells about an ice cream maker with York County roots that seems to be everywhere at the shore : Kohr Bros.
Recommended website of the day: The Glen Rock 150th website is operational, a year after that borough celebrated its birthday. And, it has a clock counting down to its bicentennial in 2060: 17,846 days, etc.
Forum of the day: Yorkblogger Joan Concilio put up a pop quiz with following photo? People are guessing Pleasant Acres. What’s your guess? Here’s the answer.

Mystery photo.
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