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Two York skyscrapers – Linked in with neat history stuff – June 1, 2010

An e-mailer sent in this illustration of York, Pa’s, Christ Lutheran Church and Zion Church steeples – architects unknown – from the 1800s.  For more on this illustration, originally appearing in American Architect and Building News in 1880, visit: Church Towers or www.stcroixarchitecture.com. Also of interest: York County … ‘A smorgasbord of architectural styles’ and York’s housing stock not that revolutionary and People of varying religious groups founded York County.

A mixed bag of neat stuff…
A reader asked about how to learn more about Nelson Rehmeyer’s background.
Rehmeyer, a suspected witch, was the victim in the notorious and often-discussed Hex Murder of 1928. Three assailants, acting on the belief he had cast a spell on one of them, killed him in his rural southern York County farmhouse… .

I suggested that he start with authoritative Trials of Hex author J. Ross McInnis of Stock and Leader law firm in York. He’s in phone book.
Also, there are people in Hametown who knew Rehmeyer or Rehmayer family. I suggested he spend some time in that southern York County hamlet, the closest settlement near the slaying.
If anyone wants to comment on Rehmeyer or the Rehmeyer family, please weigh in below.
For numerous posts about the Hex Murder and the subsquent trials of the defendents, visit this blog’s Hex Murder category.
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