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In Felton, fixing classics from across the pond: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, July 1, 2012

More neat stuff, below: Boring Furniture/Gettysburg collectible show/Glady’s Pool

Did you see the story about the repair shop in Felton that fixes vintage cars from Britain? A York countian services British-made in that southeastern York County borough. A ydr.com story states: ‘Andrew Ward began his working life studying architectural cabinet making. But next door sat a restoration shop that had British sports cars running in and out all day long. It didn’t take long before Ward got himself a job there.’ Hooked? See: Fixing classics from across the pond. And hear the birds chirping as Andrew Ward talks in the video below. Above, this is an overhead cam engine of a 1952 Jaguar XK-120. Btw, have you visited the attractive town of Felton recently? Do you know how it got its name? To find out, visit: Felton: The town the Ma & Pa built.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Boring Furniture pieces, manufactured in North York, continue to attract the public’s attention years after the last table was made.

One emailer, wilmontv@ptd.net, shared these thoughts:

“I am the owner of Boring Furniture – five pieces – I need to get some finish work done on them.”

He could not find out if they are made of cherry or maple.

He has two step tables, a chair side table, a Colonial bookcase among other items.

I would suggest to this emailer that he contact the York County Heritage Trust. Perhaps the type of wood used could be answered through a description on the phone. Or the learned folks there could suggest a resource for him to go to.

Gettysburg show ends today: From the Hanover Evening Sun: “The 38th Annual Gettysburg Civil War Collectors Show isn’t just for collectors. The name sounds deceiving, but the show offers more than just a place to bargain for collectibles.” Visit: Civil War Collectors Show.

Camp Security, revisited: Camp Security has captured the attention of an Australian. See this guest column about the Springettsbury Township-based American Revolution POW camp at ydr.com.

Museum expands: At a time when some museums are struggling, Carlisle’s U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is expanding its outdoor exhibit space. Check out: Central Pa. Army museum plans expansion.

Friend of community dies: Harvey Bradley, local manufacturer and a man generous with his expertise, died recently. Here’s the ydr.com story on his life: Harvey Bradley, a fixture of the local business community, died this month .

Forum of the day: Another hot one today: http://bitly.com/LJ6hdy. Time to think of those cool places from the past: Meadowbrook Pool in Saginaw? Glady’s in Stewartstown? Springwood Pool in Ore Valley? Memories of those? What’s your favorite community pool today? Please comment below.

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The YDR’s Paul Kuehnel captured this unusual Felton business.