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Memorable Avalong eatery: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – June 12, 2010

Metro Bank offices around York County have implemented the good idea of colorized photos detailing historical events or sites near those branches. The Mount Zion and White Road bank branch, for example, was built on the former site of the popular Avalong Restaurant. So an image of that nostalgia-evoking eatery appears on the bank wall. Other such images will appear in future York Town Square posts. Also of interest: The 1950s, ’60s: ‘The greatest time to grow up in York, Pa.’ and About Avalong Dairy and Melvin’s Drive-In: ‘I am some what familiar with the history of the area’ and From Meadowbrook Mansion to York County farmhouse.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Reader Jerry Warren responded to my recent World War II column in the York Sunday News in which I wrote that the world will observe the 65th anniversary of V-J Day on Aug. 14.
He’s skeptical that the historical moment, indeed, will be observed.
Here’s are excerpts from his e-mail: …

I recall seeing various calendars in recent years putting the date (incorrectly in my opinion) on the date the peace accord was signed in September. Most … ignore it completely. For instance, the Old Farmer’s Almanac mentions in their notes section on the month of August that Christate Comerford became White House chef on August 14, 2005. On their calendar they mention the first day of Ramadan, National Aviation Day, and Women’s Equality Day as August holidays, but not V-J day. Although I wasn’t born til a year after the war, I’ve known many people who were in or were waiting for someone to return from WWII who celebrated on August 14. I’m hoping that you are correct in supposing that the anniversary will be marked on August 14, but I believe H.L. Mencken remarked that the biggest problem with being a cynic is being correct over 90% of the time.

– Larry Good responded to a past query from a reader concerning details about Rentzel’s Farm Implements in northeastern York County’s Manchester borough:
Not much is left of that 15 S. Main St. business.
“The sign remained for many years after. All that is left today Is the gas tank Is still In the ground and the filler neck is still visable next to the sidewalk,” he said.
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