York Town Square

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Conewago Creek from the air: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff- June 5, 2010

A lone pier, left, center, from a long-gone trolley bridge sits in the middle of the Conewago Creek near York County’s Manchester borough. This view come from York County’s Assessment Data & Mapping page. This useful website offers clear aerial views of York County. This particular scene will also be part of a presentation that I will give at 7 p.m., today, June 5, at the Mount Wolf Theater, as part of borough centennial festivities, on the topic: The Mount Wolf Area: More Than Just History.. Also of interest: Susquehanna Lions fight to keep streak going in Mount Wolf and Pan-demic, rather dredge-demic, gold fever strikes York County and Conewago crossing near Manchester hot spot for years.

Neat stuff from all over… .
Judy Druck Routson has a copy of “A Rock in the Baltic by Robert Barr, copyright 1906, published by The Authors and Newspapers Association, New York.
She wrote:

Imprinted on the title page in a small, red-outlined box is this:
For sale exclusively by us in York, Pa.

Judy Druck Routson, author of a history about York County’s Druck Valley, is looking for further information on this book and its connection with Wiest’s department store … .

Wiest’s was one of York’s big three downtown stores for much of the 20th century.
Judy gave some more details:
“Printed on the inside cover is the notice: ‘This copyright volume is offered for sale to the public only through the authorized agents of the publishers, who are permitted to sell it only at retail and at fifty cents per copy, and with the express condition and reservation that it shall not, prior to August 1st, 1907, be resold, or offered or advertised for resale…’
“During research, I learned that the publisher was apparently a consortium of large U. S. retail outlets, mainly department stores, which financed this and several other titles, under the condition that they have exclusive rights of distribution. They apparently sold the books for about half the cost of a cloth covered book during that time period. Among the special editions are those for Wanamaker’s in New York and Philadelphia, the MacGreevey-Sleght-Deraff Co. of Elmira, NY; the Imperial Dry Goods Co. of Altoona, Pa.; and the Roy & Rondy Co. of Kankankee Ill.”
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Go a little higher or use a different lense and you get a broader area of the Mount Wolf/Manchester area. The area from the top photograph is seen in the upper left.