York Town Square

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Fairgrounds as a youngster: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: May 1, 2010

York, Pa., Fairgrounds
This photograph captured buildings on the York Fairgrounds, now the York Expo Center, when it was five years old. The fairgrounds had moved to its current location in West Manchester Township in 1888. Previously, its home was southeast of the King and Queen Street intersection. Fair Alley, running south off East King Street, is a vestige of that original fairgrounds. (For a view, visit: Both Yanks, Rebs camped at old York Fairgrounds. This photo comes from “Art Work of York,” published by the W.H. Parish Publishing Co. in 1893. Also of interest: York countians are proud of the York Fair, and there’s a lot to be proud about and Young curators produced York Fair exhibit: ‘A Fair of Our Own’ and Good old days at the York Fair were at least old.

The post York Railways trolley car No. 328, where are you? located on old York Railway trolley car – No. 123 at the York County Industrial and Agricultural Museum.
It launched a search for No. 328, believed to be in the East Berlin area.
Joel Salomon who launched the search for 328 knows of where the trolley car bodies are buried around York County.
He wrote:

There are actually numerous York railway trolley car bodies in and around
York and beyond. There are five cars located in Red Lion built into a house
that I saw about three years ago. I was told by the owners that the cars
were from York, but the car numbers are not known.
– 123 in the York industrial museum.
– 010 is near Dallastown at the steam tractor association.
– 107 is south of Wrightsville along the river.
– 324 is / was near Charlestown WV on the property of a country club. I saw
this about 17 years ago and it was in poor condition then. It may be gone. I
do not know.
– 162 is in Middletown.
– 163 Rockhill Furnace and operating
These are the York trolleys that I know that still exist.

Event of the weekend: Rehoboth Welsh Church, located at the corner of Main and Pendyrus Streets in Delta, will hold its Spring Gymanfa Ganu on Sunday, May 2, at 2:30 p.m. at the church. The gymanfa is a festival of Welsh hymn singing and will be directed by James Cassarino of Green Mountain College in Vermont. Harp soloist Meghan Gwyer will perform, along with Rehoboth Welsh Choir. The public is welcome to attend; prior knowledge of Welsh is not necessary. A Te Bach, or Welsh tea, will be held immediately following. The church will also be open today, Saturday, May 1, for tea and Welshcakes, during the annual Delta-Cardiff Heritage Festival. Rehoboth Welsh Choir will sing at 12:30 p.m. today, May 1.
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Photo courtesy of Beth Reinhold’s and Terry Zellers’ collection.