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York, Pa., author portrays OK Corral gunfight: Linked in with neat history stuff – April 21, 2010

A news release explaining York County, Pa., resident Scott Butcher’s new book “Tombstone: Relive the Gunfight at the OK Corral” makes you want to know more: “Though the gunfight has been celebrated in countless movies, books, and documentaries, Butcher found that the controversy that began while the gun smoke was still hanging above the dead still swirls around Western aficionados today. While most people have a passing knowledge of the event, few realize that it all took place in a span of thirty seconds in a space not much larger than a typical living room. Even fewer know that sometimes-lawman Wyatt Earp and dentist-turned-gambler “Doc” Holliday were arrested for murder. Ironically, it is the events that took place several months after the gunfight itself that forever burned the shootout into the American memory: after a judge declined the send the case to a trial jury, the Cowboys seriously wounded one Earp brother and later killed another. Wyatt Earp’s “vendetta ride” became newspaper fodder from San Francisco to New York City, with daily rumors and accounts of Cowboys gunned down by Earp, Holliday and company. An enduring American legend was created.” Got you? The book is available at www.schifferbooks.com. Also of interest: York County author’s photo/legacy books rolling off the press and York-area picture book not your typical coffee table publication and Author: ‘York’s streetscape features almost every style and era of American architecture’.

Other neat stuff from all over:

Dean Paules is an artist for the stars.
Well, important political stars, at least.
The York Daily Record/Sunday News recently published a story (4/10/10) on the York County resident who has captured on canvas: Dick Armey: former House majority leader; Tom Ridge: former Pennsylvania governor and Director of Homeland Security; Alberto Gonzales: former U.S. Attorney General; George H. Hitchings: winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. His portrait of Bill Goodling, former U.S. congressman from York County is below… .

Add Paules to the list of creative York countians who could be honored by an annual Mayor’s Awards for the Arts, in the mold of the recent Governor’s Awards for the Arts program. For the full article, visit: York Township artist Dean Paules captures powerful people on canvas

York native and former U.S. Rep. William Goodling.

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