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A scene from York Valley Inn: Linked in with neat history stuff

Here’s another sighting of a drawing by former York County, Pa., artist Cliff Satterthwaite. Buddy and Mary Arcuri sent this one in. Satterthwaite had a penchant for drawing people at gathering spots around town. He chose the Arcuri-managed York Valley Inn in the early 1960s for this one. Also of interest: About long-time York County, Pa., documentary artist: ‘Cliff was quite a character’ and 18th-century York Valley Inn in Springettsbury Township: ‘You can’t be here forever’ and Springettsbury Township corner bears witness to changing face of America
A mixed bag of neat stuff….
Where was the Valley Inn Garage?
A group of veteran students of York County took on that challenging question posed by a recent e-mailer… .

Without certainty, they conjectured it was the old barn or an outbuilding for Springettsbury Township’s old York Valley Inn. They pointed to a large sign at the left of the photo supplied by e-mailer Mike Spyker that suggests it was directed toward a major roadway – no doubt the Lincoln Highway, Route 462. The garage’s stonework resembled that used for the York Valley Inn, which might suggest proximity
Further, a 1950 aerial photo shows some outbuilding to the right, rear of the York Valley Inn as it faced Lincoln Highway. Was that the garage?
– Facts about the York County Heritage Rail Trail, running about 20 miles from Lafayette Plaza in York to the Mason-Dixon Line, from a recent feasibility study reported in the York Daily Record/Sunday News: According to the 2007 User Survey and Economic Impact Analysis, the estimated number of annual user visits in 2007 was more than 394,000 based upon a 60 percent increase in the average trips per user per year (from 6.6 visits in 2001 to 10.55 visits in 2007). The rail trail park is estimated to generate more than $6 million in positive economic impact through the purchase of hard goods – such as bikes, equipment and shoes – and soft goods such as food and water.
Web post of the day: James Buchanan, Pennsylvania’s only U.S. president and former York County congressman, didn’t fair well in a Time magazine rating list of U.S. presidents published in connection with President’s Day.
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