York Town Square

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High view of York County’s Longstown: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Feb. 4, 2010

Carla Reinecker submitted this aerial view of the Cape Horn Road and East Prospect Road intersection in eastern York County. Longstown, that is, the intersection that can be located today as the crossroads between Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Wisehaven hall. She placed the photo at circa 1948. (For speculation on how Cape Horn Road gained its name, click here.) Viewers in increasing numbers are submitting historic photos to the Your Photos section of ydr.com. Other aerial photographs of interest: Just try to resist this memory-tugging photo of North York’s White Oak Park and Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York Whitehull Airport and York Valley Inn and Playland and … and So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this aerial photograph?

The York Daily Record/Sunday News’ Buffy Andrews told about that special window with a special person behind it who would hand out warm candy at Manchester’s Katharine Beecher Co.
It turns out Buffy wasn’t the only youngster who knew about that special window.
York countian Ned Heikes sent this e-mail:

“On Sunday a friend of mine walked up to me chuckling so loud that you would have thought he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. I asked him what was so funny and he handed me the article ‘Stores should buy locally 1/31/2010’.
“The part that caught his funny bone the most was the inset ‘Candy secret.’ Over the years when I would reminisce … I often told him the same story. I grew up in Manchester less than 2 blocks from Katharine Beecher Candies. I told him how in the early 1960’s we would play in the empty sugar bags that were laying around outside and then use a old wooden pallet for a ladder to lean up against (the) wall so we could knock on the secret window and wait for a treat. He always thought I was making that story up until … your article. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
“P.S. I thought I was the only one that knew where that secret window was.”

And then Amy Goodling Schriver wrote Buffy:

“The Goodling girls would like to know how you found out about OUR window. Too funny, mom just read us the article in the paper and it brought back so many memories!! We used to go all the time, they had a box for us to stand on and the mint was always warm.”

Blog post of the day: York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Paul Kuehnel has provided help fixing broken links to two wonderful video tours of the Hex murder house in East Hopewell Township. To see those videos, visit: Visiting the scene of (York County’s hex) crime and Descendant of powwow doctor: ‘Powwowing was done for good’.
Forum of the day: The photo of Santa climbing into York’s Bon-Ton via a fire truck’s ladder has spawned some insightful and nostalgic comments. Join in at or just browse at Ho, ho, ho – uh, Santa on that York Bon-Ton ladder, hold on.

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