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View from atop Pershing Avenue’s GTE building: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Feb. 9, 2010

Bob Riese of Spring Garden Township submitted this photo, taken in 1982, to the York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News’ Your Photos gallery. He wrote that this is a combined photo of the Codorus Creek area from the top of the GTE building on Pershing Avenue. He took them with regular prints and waited until a computer could combine them. He pointed to the detail of the area before it was developed. Also of interest: Another view of the Codorus Creek in York and Destructive flood of 1933 struck York County 75 years ago and Skinny dipping in the Codorus?

York countian James H. Stauch Jr. read about hog maw recipes first published on this blog and then in the York Daily Record/Sunday News.
He e-mailed that he has been eating hog maw and other Pennsylvania Dutch foods like scrapple, pudding, mush, tripe and pickled tongue and heart for more than 60 years.
He actually looks forward to eating the pig’s stomach portion of hog maw.
Here are his sentiments:

“My late mother-in-law (Mildred Mull) who passed away at the age of 88 years was still making her delicious hog maw up until almost the very end of her days. Her recipe was a mix of both Mrs. Baker’s and Mrs. Bupp’s. However, it isn’t Hog Maw unless you eat the stomach skin. That’s right up there with the best part. I’m fortunate in that when we have it my wife gives the stomach to me.
“I mentioned she made the stomach as we would call it up until the very end of her days because as she got older it became harder for her to finely dice the potatoes and onion. So one Sunday as we were taking her out to dinner she said she wanted to go to this particular restaurant to order a particular meal. As we pulled into the parking lot of Weiner World on Industrial Highway I asked why she wanted “Hot Weiners” for Sunday dinner. She said she didn’t but wanted to come for Hog Maw. I said “right mother” how do you figure a restaurant owned by a Greek family can make a Pa. Dutch meal better that you. She said she could not make it any better then they do – she was right. Delicious. She never made Hog Stomach again. Each Sunday when we visit Weiner World my wife and I always get the Hog Maw. I get her golden brown stomach from her dinner and mine is with gravy. Thank you mother. I think of you every time.”

When asked if I could share these sentiments, Jim e-mailed back: “I’m sure my Mother-in-law, … I always called her mother, would be pleased.”
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– “Genealogical Curves: 21st Century African American Civic Engagement in the city of York,” presented by Dr. Jeffrey Lynn Woodyard. South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, York County Heritage Trust, 2:15 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 14.
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