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Yorktowne Service Stores memorabilia: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Jan. 26, 2010

When the York County Heritage Trust recently debuted its ‘Then and Now’ exhibit, the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News, in keeping with this spirit, asked for old photos from readers to post on our ‘Your Photos’ section of www.ydr.com. Bob Keller of Springettsbury was among those who responded with ‘Yorktowne Service Stores counter coffee dispenser.’ Bob Keller’s submission was relevant: That business was featured in the exhibit. (See additional image from ‘Your photos’ below. Also of interest: ‘The Commons’ plays host to wonderful vintage photos and Fed photogs captured wonderful WWII images and Bank adds murals to York County’s walls

A mixed bag of neat stuff:
After reading his obituary story, I added a little more to my York Town Square post on indefatigable volunteer Bob Senft when I turned it into a recent York Sunday News column:

I had spent many hours with Bob Senft working his story into my book on York County and World War II, (“In the Thick of the Fight.”)
I didn’t really expect to learn everything about this everyman with an array of everyday interests.
Still, I paused in reading the York Daily Record/Sunday
News obituary story about Bob’s life.
The story said he was a pool aficionado… .

“Up until a couple weeks
ago he was shooting pool,” his niece, Beth Senft, said. “He was always in good spirits.”
Always in good spirits.
But a pool shark?
Bob, you were so busy volunteering.
When did you have time for pool?

Link of the day: News coverage, with photos and video, of York Mayor Kim Bracey’s swearing in. York’s first black mayor said: “The little girl who trembled in her Penn Street house as the National Guard tank rumbled by in 1969 stands before you as mayor of York. Our York. One York for all of our people.” To view a transcript of the speech as well as other primary source documents, visit the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ Open Records Reading Room.
Blog post of the day: Yorkblogger June Lloyd shows how some York County women captured some fugitive German POWS at Universal York.
Forum of the day: On The Exchange – What is hog maw?

Also from Your Photos, York County’s Dianne Bowders shows members of the Isaac Rishel Family, Emigsville and included the following info: ‘My great grandfather and his family pose for a photo on front of their Emigsville farmhouse. The house was built in 1830 by John and Elizabeth Rutter. During the Civil War, Louisiana Tigers raided the farm for horses and food.” The house no longer stands.