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York Valley Inn: One of region’s ‘Most Comfortable Resort Motels’: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Jan. 21, 2010

This image of the York Valley Inn along the Lincoln Highway, later Route 462, is found in a file of artist Cliff Satterthwaite at the York County (Pa.) Heritage Trust. It was used as placemat or advertising piece with the boast: “One of South Central Pennsylvania’s Most Comfortable Resort Motels.” This landmark, chockful of memories for many Yorkers, fell into disrepair in the past decades and was demolished several years ago. Also of interest: York Valley Inn: ‘What a mess.’ and Olde York Valley Inn confused with historic predecessor and York Valley Inn: ‘a building reduced to Stonehenge-like pylons’.

A mixed bag of neat stuff … .

I had a delightful experience addressing the Avenues Neighborhood Association last week.
Some readers here might be interested to know such a group – representing historic northwest York in the general area between the old York Fairgrounds and Farquhar Park – is meeting and effectively and enthusiastically representing that area… .

The group issues the quarterly “The Ave News” newsletter. It is involved in neighborhood events such as Easter egg hunts and Halloween parities and tours of beautiful Victorian-era houses. It’s deeply concerned about historic preservation, and maintains an e-mail listserve to keep residents informed on all manner of things.
The group’s mission statements starts: “To create a unified, diverse community of neighbors, dedicated to the establishment of and preservations of a safe, secure, enjoyable environment through open, healthy neighborhood interaction.”
Good stuff undertaken by an engaging group.
– For information on joining the Avenues Neighborhood Association, contact President Mary Anne Bacas, ma@bacas.com.
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Event of the week: The York County Heritage Trust’s “Then and Now” exhibit, contrasting old and new scenes opens on Sunday.
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