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Made in York – One torpedo/bomb loader: Linked in with neat history stuff – Nov. 13, 2009

This nameplate is affixed to a York, Pa.-made World War II vintage bomb/torpedo loader acquired by the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. To see a photo of this American Chain and Cable-made truck, visit: Torpedo loader turns up in Tennessee museum. Also of interest: Jeep prototype has York County WWII roots and York-made vehicle welcome to retirement home in York, Pa. and All Made in York posts from the start.

The Codorus Valley Chronicles, the newsletter of the Codorus Valley Area Historical Society, always contains neat stuff.
In the November edition, Bob Shaub, editor of the newsletter for this Jefferson-based group, wrote about the value of artifacts made of tin, tied to a program on collecting old tin advertising:
“Little thought was given, let’s say from the 1940s back, that tin cans, tin advertising signs would some day be collectible.The containers and signs were thrown away the same as we throw away the plastic containers and cardboard signs today… .

“Who would have thought that a pint tin can filled with oysters by the Strickler Company in York would bring in excesss of $20.00 today for a can in excellent condition. Lard buckets filled by local butcher shops, with their name on them can command $50.00 or more depending on the butcher and condition of the bucket.”
The newsletter (P.O. Box 10, Codorus, Pa., 17311) also has information on southern York County mills, a Glen Rock historical marker recognizing the Glen Rock Mill and instructions about how to fold the American flag.
Rich stuff.
An event to attend: An free event celebrating the adoption of the Articles of Confederation in York is set for 1:30 -4 p.m. Sunday at the Colonial Court House. Details at the York County Heritage Trust’s site.
– Susquehanna Riverkeeper Michael Helfrich will provide an open house of the 18th-century Cookes House, his residence, on Sunday afternoon. For details, click here.
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