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Another York, Pa., landmark became a parking lot: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Nov. 21, 2009

Before today’s west-end Hannah Penn Middle School was built, this school, also Hannah Penn, stood across from Penn Park. And before this York, Pa., school became a junior high, it was York High, replaced by today’s William Penn High School in the 1920s. This building has been demolished, and its footprint serves as a parking lot for St. Patrick’s Church. Others in a series of school namesakes: Who was Hannah Penn of York City middle school fame? and Who was Edgar Fahs Smith? and Who was Phineas Davis? and Namesakes of Devers and Goode schools often confused.
In March 2008, Yorkblogger Paul Kuehnel posted a video of an archaeological dig at Coulsontown, the Welsh miners village being restored in southeastern York County.
Just this month, a former a member of a family with Coulsontown roots commented on Paul’s Greenmesh blog post.
“Funny how people “unearth” these videos,” Paul wrote me in an e-mail. “Nice memory blip of Coulsontown.”
The commenter, identified as Kandi Creamer, wrote: …

This video has deep meaning to me, for me this is where it all began.”
He explained that his great grandfather and his family lived in Coulsontown from 1903 until the 1950s. He has a picture of his great grandfather, mother and her cousin sitting out back.
His great grandfather was Amer P. Founds, also Amos P. Founds.
“They lived there rent free all those years in exchange for upkeep,” he wrote. “They were dirt poor.”
Amer Founds also was caretaker at nearby Slateville Cemetery.
Rich stuff.
Click on this link and enjoy the same video.
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Hannah Penn school photo from book “York and York County.”