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Where was the Outdoor Country Club first located? Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – May 6, 2010

The Outdoor Country Club of York County, Pa., started in The Avenues, later moved to the vacated Country Club of York property now occupied by York College and eventually ended up in its current site, north of York. Compare this postcard image from Joe Stein with the photo from the booklet “Northwest York.” The 645 Madison Avenue club was so named because of the nature and number of its original activities – tennis, croquet, bicyling and hiking. Also of interest: On Eisenhower’s Country Club of York golf round: He turned in a ‘commendable score’ and Exploring ornate Springdale, sunken ballroom, golf course and all and Why is Hanover Country Club in Abbottstown? and ‘Lady Linden’, of York’s Avenues neighborhood, gets full makeover.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Ray Kinard, a student of York County history, is scratching his head over a question: When was the last one-room school built in York County?
Ray shouldn’t fret because that is a most difficult question to get at… .

It would imply knowledge of the more than 300 one-roomers that dotted York County’s countryside before World War II… .
But if anyone is aware of say of school built in the 1920s or 1930s, that would be one of York County’s “newer” ones!
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Neat site under construction: Dickinson College students and staff are building a site, House Divided, in connection with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The site includes a blog that explores interesting topics with primary documents. For example: Aftermath of the Baltimore Riot.
Butternut & Blue Day: The York Emporium is sponsoring this annual event on Saturday, May 7. Yorkblogger Scott Mingus has details including this description of a silent move – a Civil War theme – that will be screened: “Come munch the free popcorn and watch The Drummer of the 8th, a 28-minute silent film from 1915 about a boy who runs away to join the Army. When the Civil War begins, young Billy is wounded in battle and taken prisoner. Watch what happens to the youth as he becomes a hero to his comrades! The classic movie was directed by Thomas H. Ince and features silent movie stars Cyril Gardner, Mildred Harris (Charlie Chaplain’s lover who later had an affair with the Prince of Wales!), and Frank Borzage.” The film is one of two to be shown.
Blog post of the day: Yorkblogger Gordon Freireich writes about the quest by the York County Heritage Trust to locate war memorials around here: In search of War Memorials in York County.
Forum of the day: Six people have commented on Yorkblogger Joan Concilio’s post: Do you remember Pappy’s?


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