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Where is the old State House today? Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – May 4, 2010

The Old State House, as it was often called, was an oft-pictured postcard. The miniature York County, Pa., courthouse served as the headquarters for war bond sales in World War I and World War II. It is pictured here in its longtime location in Farquhar Park. The “Little Courthouse,” as it was also called, stands today at a different site. To find out where, visit: From war bonds to pets and people . (For another postcard from Joe Stein’s collection, see below.) Also of interest: Display marks how York County courthouses evolved and Lonely guys in uniform came from all over to take part in York County USO activities in World War II and The ‘Little Courthouse,’ like longtime York square neighbor ‘Teapot Dome,’ still stands tall.

Neat stuff from all over … .
Glenda Yaksich provided an update about the status of the tree featured in this post: Brook Leaf Love Nest tree house known as Hellam honeymoon spot.
She commented:

“The tree holding the Brook Leaf Love Nest burned about 1957 or so. My Grandfather, Charles Backel, was a neighbor and we ran across the meadow to watch the fire engines. If I remember correctly, lightening struck the tree and started the fire. There was an article in the newspaper about the fire. The love nest is well known in the area to this day.”

Yorkblogger Scott Butcher’s new book: The York County architectural historian is a multi-talented researcher, writer and photographer. But to write about Tucson, Arizona, from a base in York, Pa. … now that’s not easy.
Here’s part of a news release on Scott’s: “Tucson Perspectives”:

“Tucson, Arizona, is home to a diverse population that lives in tandem with the environment. It’s also where the high Sonoran Desert gives way to towering sky islands to create one of the most picturesque settings to ever host a major metropolitan era. With 117 eye-catching photos, this historic city comes to life. “

For more information about Scott’s latest work, visit www.schifferbooks.com.
And in this year of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, don’t forget his Civil War-related books: “Gettysburg Perspectives” and “Civil War Walking Tour of York, PA.”
Blog post of the day: Yorkblogger June Lloyd continues to peck away at York connections to the Lincoln Conspiracy.
Forum of the day: Exchangers are talking about: York County Radio and Television Stations .

Joe Stein’s postcard collection contains this advertising card.