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Where can this Susquehanna River plaque be found? Linked in with neat history stuff: March 30, 2010

The message in this plaque gives some clues about its whereabouts. Hint: It’s not in York County, Pa.. Second hint: It’s been in the news recently. Stumped? See second York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photograph below for the answer. Also of interest: Three Mile Island emergency indelibly written into memories and Goldsboro shares Three Mile Island’s spotlight and In the shadow of disaster: York County and its newspaper tested 30 years ago

Neat stuff from all over … .
Duane A. Swartz is a social studies instructor at Northeastern High School.
He and his class are organizing a special trip for World War II veterans.
Here’s his description:

“I would like to bring to your attention something that a group of Northeastern High School students and I are currently working. Our project is called Honor Bus. Check out our website at www.nhshonorbus.com. Our goal is to treat WW II veterans to an all expenses paid trip to the WW II Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, May 7, 2011. As the number of WW II veterans passing each day grows we want to give each the opportunity to visit the memorial dedicated to their service. We want to give them the day of gratitude and honor never received over 60 years ago.
“We have received some publicity in the local papers but the number of registered veterans for this trip is well below what we are hoping and planning for. We have sent information to local veterans organizations but the response has been low… . I can’t imagine the stories that might be shared. I am hoping to get our message out so that more WW II veterans will see and hear of our project and be interested in joining us May 7th.”

Updating ….: The latest on that steam locomotive slated to start an excursion service on the south end of the old Northern Central Railroad: Steam locomotive could arrive by 2013

Recommended Web story of the day
: The Washington Post visited a local bed and breakfast in a historic York mansion, Grace Manor.
A bit more information: An emailer viewed my brief profile post about Cross Roads borough and put forth this addition:
Cross Roads was also the destination of 30 wagons loaded with personal belongings advancing east ahead of the Confederate invasion of York County in June 1863.
With animals in tow, they came from Seven Valleys and Hanover Junction.
“They camped in a valley on Rambo Run, east of Cross Roads until they were sure the Confederates left.”
The emailer made a good point that the visitors are a memorable moment in Cross Roads’ history that shouldn’t be forgotten.
I’ve gone back to that post and added in this information.
Forum of the day: Exchangers are talking about those William Penn High School students who have achieved on the national stage – or just plain achieved.

In the mid-1980s, Japanese engineers moved to Middletown, across the river from York County, to work with their counterparts at TMI to help with the Unit 2 clean up. They left behind some Yoshino Cherry Trees in appreciation to their TMI hosts. This photo is on TMI’s training center grounds, on the Susquehanna River’s east bank, near Three Mile Island. For more, see: History of a helping hand.

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