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Part II. What’s a deltiologist?: Linked in with neat York County history stuff – Feb. 10, 2011

This postcard is another from York County, Pa., resident Bill Snyder’s collection. Information with this card, published in the Weekly Reader (2/9/11) notes that deltiology, the collection and study of postcards, is the second largest collectible hobby in the U.S. Only baseball card collecting is larger. The York Post Card Club’s annual show is set for June 11 at the Holiday Inn, West Manchester Township. Also of interest: Postcards tell story of York County community and Web site filled with nostalgic Lincoln Highway photos, postcards and Postcard shows Conewago Creek’s Elm Beach at its peak.
Neat stuff from all over … .
Is the York Fair America’s first?
The fair’s website makes that claim.
Interestingly, the York County government website backs off that:… .

“The York County Agriculture Society operates the York Inter-State Fair which has an enclosure of 120 acres and is one of the oldest, largest and most outstanding fairs in the nation.”

I ran across these sites when researching a post of the York County Agricultural Society, where I published a list of society members.
The county’s position is safer because no one really knows if the York Fair is the nation’s oldest unless it checks out festivals in the New England states, which were settled earlier. Seems to me what the Pilgrims did and later the Puritans in Massachusetts would qualify as a fair.
I’ve raised this point before on this blog and elsewhere in the community and have yet to receive evidence or a citation proving the first fair claim.
Still, the York Fair is old, and something York County should be proud of.
Sounds appropriate: The project to convert the former Martin Carriage Works industrial complex in West York to an office/condo complex are moving along. Developers of apartments at the former Martin Parry facility have chosen an apt name: Carriage Works Apartments. Too bad developers didn’t work Martin into the name. But that might have caused confusion with Martin Library, also carriage maker Milton D. Martin’s legacy.
Upcoming event: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is sponsoring the 32nd annual Lancaster Family History Conference at Doubletree Resort Lancaster on April 2.
Genealogist George G. Morgan and sociologist Dr. Donald B. Kraybill will address the hundreds of genealogists, historians, educators expected for weekend of field trips and seminars. For details, contact LMHS.
Morgan will bring the keynote address, “New Ways to Research Our Roots,” and Amish expert Kraybill will present “The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World,” from his new book so titled.
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