York Town Square

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Simple life in York County not that simple: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: Dec. 9, 2010

This scene in Manchester Township, Pa.’s, Round Town shows a typical beautiful York County scene from probably the 19teens. York County’s Gary E. Heiland, who submitted this photograph, wrote that the house stands today at 539 Church Road. “If I am correct, I wonder if the occupants know that underneath it is a log home,” he wrote. The house was owned by his mother’s aunt, Lizzie Hake and her husband, Herman. Someone noted the name of the car’s owner – Grace Weidner – on the back of the photograph. These simple times weren’t always simple, though. Some years earlier and in a different York County locale, a Heiland relative died after giving birth. The placenta could not be delivered in those days of home deliveries, and although a veterinarian was available, the woman did not want to be treated by a ‘horse doctor’ and died of peritonitis. Also of interest: Roundtown in Manchester Township, York County, Pa.? Where did that come from? and Emigsville’s Web site tells tales of community’s past and Center Square School in Roundtown? Great name, but one-room building in dire need of repairs.
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Gloria Hollerbush wrote seeking information about a relative who died in 1857 and was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. (She said Mt. Pleasant was later renamed Strinestown).
She was looking for the location of this cemetery… .

The local authority of cemeteries is Lila Fourhman-Shaull, archivist at the York County Heritage Trust. Lila gained that standing by visiting most every graveyard in York County.
Neat links: Speaking of graveyards, this story talks about radar equipment that can find submerged graves. And this story is a Stephen Colbert interview with David Eisenhower and July Nixon-Eisenhower. Remember them?
Reader request: Janie Noble is the great granddaughter of S. Morgan Smith.
She read on this blog about the pastor-turned industrialist and is looking for information.
“You mention that somewhere there are his Diaries, and I am
wondering if there are sermons as well. If so, do you happen to know which
library might have these?” she wrote.
The York County Heritage Trust – Lila again – has the log or diary he kept as pastor of First Moravian Church in York in the early 1860s. Janie would have to inquiry whether the Trust has sermons.
First Moravian member Terry Downs says the church has no sermons in the building. “(E)ither these were turned over the Moravian Church main offices/archives in Bethlehem, or may be in private hands,” he wrote.
Janie also wondered whether anyone has written a book about S. Morgan Smith. The short answer is not that I’m aware of. More about First Moravian and S. Morgan Smith at this blog’s First Moravian category.
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