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Day of the alligator: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Aug. 14, 2010

Do alligators breed in York, Pa.’s, Poorhouse Run? Actually, no. But this specimen was captured a few years back in this small stream running alongside the old York County Poorhouse site, between the abandoned Chestnut Street Prison and Alexander D. Goode School. The school stands on the site of the early 1800s York County Poorhouse. The alligator was someone’s pet that got away. Also of interest: Could York County’s old Chestnut Street prison be used for fundraising tours? and Often forgotten: Achievements of people named on building facades.

Neat stuff from all over …

York countian Carol Woodbury responded to my recent York Sunday News column about varying opinions about the the pronounciation of 19th-century folk artist Lewis Miller’s name. One school of thought has it as “Louie” and another as “Lewis.” …

“My grandfather (George Hay Kain) received several Lewis Miller sketch books from 2 elderly clients who had known Miller during his lifetime. These ladies called him “Louie” Miller. They were the spinster daughters of Miller’s best friend, with whom he left many of his drawings when he moved to VA (Virginia) as an old man.”

What do you think?
“Louie” or “Lewis”?
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Recommended site, No. 2: The York Daily Record/Sunday News’ website, ydr.com, has a new look. That site is one of York County’s oldest sites, launched in the 1996 blizzard. Check it out.
Blog post of the week: Yorkblogger Joan Concilio is getting interesting comments on her post: Calling all stations: A starting look at the radio history of York County.
Forum of the week, The Exchange: The York Daily Record/Sunday News is exploring obesity in York County, which will explore, in part, the county’s high national ranking in that department from a historical point of view. Comment on this.
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