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The art of preservation: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – April 12, 2010

Dover resident Jason Tako likes to paint old houses and barns that are set for demolition. This painting, “Memories,” captures and old brick house on Dover Township’s Davidsburg Road, slated for demolition. Confederate soldiers reportedly visited a barn on the property in the Civil War and stole some horses. To learn more about Jason’s work, visit: Dover artist learns about the houses he paints. (See another example of his work below.) Also of interest: Obscure F.O.E. building to become colorful beacon of York, Pa.’s renaissance and William Wagner, Lewis Miller made York, Pa. ‘one of the most highly depicted communities in the early nineteenth century United States’ and What is the widest, tallest, largest of the Murals of York, Pa.? And the smallest?
An area resident has posed a question about area barber shops, a topic covered in this Exchange thread, too:
Here’s Dudley Fink’s query:

I was wondering if Mt Rose Barberama at 1160 Mt Rose Ave is the oldest barbershop in York County.
I can remember getting my hair cut there back in the 1960’s.
It is the only barber shop still in business at the same location for that many years
in this county that I can recall.

Any help out there?
Please contact Dudley or comment below.

Go to the mountains: Joe Brillhart, a student of local history, is promoting a YMCA-sponsored tour of the South Mountain and Antietam battlefields on May 4.
“Our guide for the day will be noted author (“The Battle of South Mountain”) and Antietam Guide John Hoptak who will board our bus for the exciting and detailed 6 hour tour,” he wrote.
The cost is $50.
For details, contact Joe Brillhart.
Recommended blog post of the day: Cannonball’s Scott Mingus has located some old Civil War rifle pits in the York area: Civil War rifle pits protected the Northern Central Railway
Forum of the day: A thread on the Exchange is asking for information on the USO that operated at the old York County Academy on Beaver Street. Add any memories here.

In a story in the York Sunday News, Jason Tako explains why he paints: “I have a nostalgic-romantic streak in me and when painting an old structure I can imagine the people living out a happy life there as a family. I think it is very sad to see these beautiful places give way to what is called development and progress; to see all the memories of everyday people get demolished. I hope to do my part to preserve these memories and awaken people to the beauty around them, but I feel my time to do this is limited.”
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Jason’s artwork got this response on Facebook on 1/8/14.