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A toe in the water: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – April 19, 2010

This Dover Township scene shows some of the flooding from recent storms that crossed York County, Pa. York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Paul Kuehnel captured this photo of a mural of Jesus with his toe in the water. John Yost, owner of the mural, told Paul: ‘It’s the first time he has gotten in the water, instead of walking on it.’ This photograph was taken near the Conewago Creek. (See related video below). Also of interest: A list of traumatic, painful incidents that rocked York County and Tropical Storm Agnes savaged York County with more than 15 inches of rain and What is the probability of another flood in York?
Neat stuff from all over…
Tom Barstow, news editor for the York Daily Record/Sunday News, has started a blog about his neighborhood – The Avenues section of York.
A description with The Avenues and Beyond states: “Tom Barstow … takes a look at life in the community in the Avenues of York, with a perspective on local to world issues from near Farquhar Park.”
And here’s how Tom explains how he came about residing in The Avenues:

“About 15 years ago this spring, I launched a search for a new home in York County. I had landed a job as a reporter at the York Daily Record only a few months before.
“As I got to know the area a little bit at a time, I was astonished at the value the city offered in housing, especially compared to my native Maryland. Nice homes in beautiful neighborhoods were selling for the price of a high-end American sedan.”

Creating community: I wrote the following to celebrate The Exchange’s recent milestone:

The 100,000th post recently went up on The Exchange, the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ online bulletin board.
This virtual community features comments on all kinds of issues from Lager Lad, Dark Star, Jimmy Bear, Goose, JMO, azalealady and JPaules029, among hundreds of others.
My favorite?
Jimmy Bear.
He really knows his history.
The author of the 100,000th post and runner-ups will enjoy a meal out with bulletin board moderator Joan Concilio of “Ask Joan” fame.
And whose finger placed the 100,000th post?
The digit belonged to “RefChris.”
The community’s comments have since climbed to about 101,000.
Who will get the 200,000th post?

Recommended blog post of the day: The “Ask Joan” piece of Joan Concilio’s blog is attracting many questions from readers. She’ll answer just about anything or point readers in the right direction. Visit: Ask Joan: Helping friends edition
Forum of the day: The newspaper put forth 20 names of people who show civility and asked for suggestions of others. Well, we got some responses in the commenting area. Maybe yorktownsquare.com readers would have some to add.

Videographer Paul Kuehnel captures scenes of recent story damage in York County.
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