York Town Square

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Photographing a York County photography icon: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: Dec. 11, 2010

Jim Hayman Jr., above, started York, Pa.’s, Hayman Studio of Commercial Photography in the basement of his house, shooting sporting events, weddings and car crashes. He even took photos for the York County coroner. Over time, Hayman’s business evolved to commercial photography. The York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News recently told the Hayman Studio story, The eyes of York County business. York County has boasted many photographers of note, dating back to the pre-Civil War days of Glenalvin Goodridge. (See Hayman photo below.) Also of interest: J. David Allen’s work featured in: Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging Sears photograph, and Bil Bowden: Photographer tramps to far reaches of York County
and Bill Schintz: Jimmy Carter in York County: ‘He knelt down and prayed’

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One of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’s top editors, Buffy Andrews, is blogging on, well, blogging and other social media. Her Buffy’s World blog is part of yorkblog.com (as is this blog), a virtual community – York County’s first – in which people discuss a variety of topics.
An early blog entry on Buffy’s World is about yours truly: The man behind York Town Square

Here’s a description of Buffy’s World:

“You’ll read about our efforts in social media, from our Smartmama Facebook page to our Gametimepa Twitter feed to The Daily Buzz e-mail alerts that can save you money. You’ll also read about my adventures in this digital world I’ve come to love. In addition, you can find me Facebook, Twitter (@Buffyandrews) and on my writing blog (http://buffyswritezone.blogspot.com). Of course, if you want to pick up the phone and chat, call me at 771-2052.”

As the York Daily Record/Sunday News social media champion, York County-born Buffy
will be doing a lot of talking with her fingers and voice. Get to know Buffy, and you’ll find every engagement is fun.
Event of the week: At 10 a.m. Dec. 14, Don Ryan will present “York’s Factory Whistle.” Ryan has been one of those performing concerts on the New York Wire Cloth Company steam whistle on Christmas morning since 1955. This year will be the first using compressed air. The program is at 27 S. Broad St. in York. Call 843-9074 for details.
Oral history: The York Daily Record/Sunday News oral history series continues with memories of John Lennon, tied to the 30th anniversary of his death.

My York Sunday News column:
I pooled a couple of blog posts to tell about a new presentation I’ve been giving as well as how I came across the idea for a Thanksgiving editorial. See: A new speech on York County women in history.
Blog post of the day: Only York’s Joan Concilio explains the identity of Kennard and Dale as in Kennard-Dale High School.
Forum of the day, the Exchange: How would you describe York and York County, if you were a visiting journalist? That’s tied into my blog post: York, Pa.: ‘It’s a midsize city with an interesting history’.
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An example of Hayman’s handiwork.