York Town Square

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Web site filled with nostalgic Lincoln Highway photos, postcards

Tom Fadely of Fadely’s Auto Masters on West Market Street in West Manchester Township, is seen near a mural of the former Lincoln Highway Garage in 2004. Fadely was an admirer of the landmark garage, demolished to make way for a convenience store. York County artist Gary Gladfelter painted the mural, which reflects the cross-town Springettsbury Township garage in the 1930s. (See pictures of the garage from 1939 and 1950 below.) Background posts: Photo of trolley on Lincoln Highway passing through York’s Continental Square and U.S. 30 Drag-O-Way, Part III: ‘We would watch the dragsters on trailers head for Thomasville’

Check out a Lincoln Highway Web site, destined to be a repository for photos and postcards of the old coast-to-coast highway that passed through the heart of York County.
The road today in York County is known as Route 462 or Market Street or Route 30 or even sometimes the Lincoln Highway.
There’s some York County material in there including a nifty map of the highway between Lancaster and Gettysburg… .

A trolley car, in a run during its last year of operation in 1939, rolls past the Lincoln Highway Garage. It’s heading into town from East York. The trolley received its oil and lube in sheds in The Avenues neighborhood of York.(Courtesy, York County Heritage Trust.)
For those who remember the Ship Hotel, about 15 miles west of Bedford, the site contains many postcards and other photos of the old landmark, even the remaining rubble field
A piece of history passed when the deteriorating restaurant went up in flames in October 2001.
But, hey, York County has failed to preserve a piece of its Lincoln Highway past, too.
The 1920s-vintage Lincoln Highway Garage fell to demolition machinery in 2004.

The old garage, seen here in 1950, was a welcome site for motorists along the old Lincoln Highway. (Courtesy, York County Heritage Trust)