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The Laux, Loux, Loucks, Laucks, Louck, Lauck, Louks family to hold 300th reunion in York

This mansion at Lauxmont Farms was built by the farm’s founder and York Safe & Lock’s owner S. Forry Laucks (see photo below), one of the most prominent of the Laucks family that will celebrate its 300th anniversary in America next year. Today, the mansion is owned by the Kohr family. Background posts: With hot controversy cooled, Highpoint offers Susquehanna River view for the ages and Bad economy turned York Safe & Lock toward lucrative defense work and And now starring actor … Jakie Devers?.

Descendents of the Casper Glattfelter family have much to brag about as a successful York County family.
They meet every year at Glatfelter Station to renew acquaintances.
Now comes another prominent local family – the Laux family with a planned reunion next June in York. That reunion will celebrate the family’s 300 years in America.
The family has set up a Web site, which bears interesting information. It addresses the Laux family and all variations of that name.
Did you know Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer has Loux blood? … .

York Safe & Lock’s S. Forry Laucks
And here is how Charles W. Loux described characteristics of his family to attendees of the 1910 Loucks National Reunion, also held in York:

To put it in the broadest possible terms, the characteristic of the Bucks County Louxes is strength. By the way, as strength and good looks are dependant upon each other, logic would require, as indeed inspection proves, that these descendants possess the quality of good looks in a superlative degree.
The characteristic of strength in these descendants is either that of body or mind or character, or a combination of any or all of these.
My own grandfather, George Washington Loux, a tanner by trade, was considered the strongest man physically in the locality in which he lived. All his children inherited strong bodily frames. Numerous instances of phyiscal courage and bravery displayed by these descendants could be given. It was partly this quality, I believe, which made them poineers in every walk of life, gave them a somewhat independent spirit, and scattered them far and wide, all of which are characteristic of the family. (The speaker has since the address been reminded of the long noses of the Louxes, which is a marked physical characteristic of them.)

Love that nose stuff.
Jacob Loucks Devers. S. Forry Laucks. Loucks Road. Loucks Mill. Lauxmont Farms. All York County icons.
Sounds like a wonderful – and historic – reunion in the making.
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