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Last picture showplace: Haar’s Drive-in opening for season

Moviegoers get ready for the show at Haar’s Drive-In as shown in this York Daily Record/Sunday News file photo from 2005. Haar’s, York County’s last operating drive-in movie theater, will convert to digital to keep up with a movie industry that is moving away from 35-mm film. The Dillsburg-area drive-in opens for the 2013 season with ‘Ironman 3.’ Also of interest: Old Lincoln Drive In Theater, west of York, Pa.: ‘No sitter problems, No parking worries.

Haar’s Drive-in, in Carroll Township in York County’s northwestern tip, will remain open, thus retaining its status as the county’s last remaining drive-in.

That information came from stories by YDR entertainment writer Erin McCracken about the battle some local movie houses are waging to remain open as Hollywood goes digital. (Read:Last Reel.)

“We have been in the business for 60-plus years,” Haar’s co-owner Vickie Hardy said told Erin. “We want to remain in this business. We enjoy the ability to allow locals … such a novelty. With this large investment, we will be able to continue to show family films for reasonable prices.”

A generation of York countians have never seen an outdoor move at a drive-in.


So they’ll have the opportunity.

These York County-area drive-ins are now closed:

— York

— Stony Brook

— Strinestown

— Lincoln

— Cross Keys

— Collinsville

— Trail

— Columbia

Also of interest

Newville’s Cumberland Drive-in is open for the season; view schedule.)


Columbia’s drive-in, across the Susquehanna in Lancaster County, closed in October 2005.