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Lancaster County’s Wind Cave emits coolness more intense than car’s air conditioning

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York County, Pa., has so much history and just interesting natural and man-made history that it’s easy to forget that western Lancaster County’s stories tie into those on the west bank of the Susquehanna River. Lancaster County has Chickies Rock natural area and a town – Columbia – filled with the Turkey Hill Experience, the National Clock and Watch Museum and other attractions. Shenk’s Ferry glen is full of wildflowers. And now we learn from York Sunday News guest columnist Patricia Crider about the Wind Cave near Pequea, south of Columbia. The cave, she explains, resulted from shifting in the earth’s tectonic plates. I like this description from Pattie (who provided this photo): ‘The air coming from the birth canal (an opening into the cave) was strong and more intense than the air conditioning in my car.’ It sharpens one’s sense of discovery to learn about such a place – a new candidate for exploration. Also of interest: Wildflowers at Shenk’s Ferry glen sprouting despite centuries of encroaching civilization.

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