York Town Square

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King’s Mill, Schmidt & Ault, Smurfit-Stone: By whatever name, here’s how a bird saw it

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Aerial view of Schmidt & Ault Paper Company Submitted
East Berlin’s Dale E. Brenner has provided this aerial photo of the King’s Mill/Schmidt & Ault/Smurfit-Stone complex beside the Codorus Creek from about 15 years ago. Since then, York College of Pennsylvania has rehabbed part of the site, which is no longer used for papermaking or other uses. Among other things, this interesting photo shows York College’s movement toward the western part of York City, with the Penn Street Bridge serving as a connector. That’s a good thing for the city. Dale Brenner sent this photo to York Town Square after a request went out for old photos of Schmidt & Ault signage. Also of interest: Schmidt & Ault’s name was everywhere.

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The Pennsylvania governor’s race is in clear view this year, particularly with Tom Wolf of York County in the lead, according to poll. So this gave the YDR the impetus to introduce how you stand on the candidates. Play: The Waffler.

Time moves in Hanover:

Courtesy of Evening Sun photographer Shane Dunlap.

Another Satterthwaite:


Artist Cliff Satterthwaite explained this image: ‘Dave Sternbergh and I did 12 or more post cards of many York Industries. I guess to promote his “Playland.” ‘ He explained that Bendix was involved with computer testing equipment for the Talos missile. ‘Can’t remember if I actually went there to “live” draw,’ he wrote. By the way, more on Cliff at: Satterthwaite.






History mystery: The farmhouse in this image stumped some folks on YDR’s Facebook page. Feel free to weigh in yourself by clicking on the links: