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Jonathan Jessop propagated York Imperial Apple. But he made this prize tall case clock, too.

This clock, made by York, Pa., clockmaker/orchardist Jonathan Jessop, made circa 1800 is up for auction at Olde Tyme Auctions in Abbottstown, Adams County, in October.

Most of  us have specialized interests today, but 200 years ago people seemingly operated more easily across disciplines.

That was clearly the case on Jonathan Jessop, a clockmaker who also undertook pioneering work as an orchardist: Quaker horticulturalist was 19th-century Renaissance man.

Now, a piece of Jessop’s handiwork is for sale today. A tall case clock will go up for auction in October.


A York Daily Record/Sunday News story tells about the auction and Jessop’s prowess in working with his hands.

“Jessop’s craftiness was part of his Pennsylvania Dutch roots, said Victoria Miller, assistant librarian for York County Heritage Trust.

” ‘The Pennsylvania Dutch worked with their hands and they were very active people,’ she said. ‘They were very crafty and very inventive.’ “

The clock is expected to bring in $8,000 to $15,000.

Let’s hope it ends up in the hands of an owner who will put it up for public display.

The York County Heritage Trust is one collector and exhibitor of tall case clocks, with several on display at 250. E. Market St., York.

To read the full story, visit: Clock brings back memories of the past.

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*Photo, video courtesy York Daily Record/Sunday News.