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Who knew that Phillies southpaw Jamie Moyer might have relatives in York County?

The well-traveled Major League pitcher Jamie Moyer has found a home with the Phillies, and his Philadelphia home base puts him close to the home of his ancestors, the Laux family. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Louxes, Louckses, Lauckses and other strands of that family live in York County. So, Jamie Moyer might have some cousins here. Also of interest: Is York County’s Lauxmont pronounced Loucks-mont or Low-mont? and The Laux, Loux, Loucks, Laucks, Louck, Lauck, Louks family to hold 300th reunion in York and With hot controversy cooled, Highpoint offers Susquehanna River view for the ages.

After my recent speech at the 300th Laux reunion at the West Manchester Holiday Inn, a family member asked me about baseball’s Jamie Moyer.
I told him that his family had produced so much local history that I couldn’t get in the Phillies lefthander’s link with the Lauxes in my speech.
The Laux family reunion website, www.freewebs.com/300th, says Moyer’s grandmother was Miriam T. Loux, wife of Leroy M. Moyer. They are descendants of John Loux, son of immigrant Peter Laux… .

I later thought about the 47-year-old Moyer, who is on track to win 20 games this year.
Indeed, the ageless hurler might capture 300 career wins by the Loucks’ next reunion in 2012.
Or 400 by the 400th Laux reunion in 2110.
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