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Longtime York sportswriter Jacque Tracy: ‘He enjoyed writing features about athletes and coaches’

Jacque Tracy, sports writer for The (York, Pa.) Gazette and Daily and the York Daily Record, died recently. He covered sports around York County for 51 years. Background posts: York Daily Record columnist Jim Hubley’s last piece: ‘Good luck weeding out tobacco’ and 1874 York Daily: Is it worth anything? and York newspaperman’s bio: ‘Superb in every respect and difficult to put down’.

Jacque Tracy was always the go-to person for information on other people, often about information on the old Gazette and Daily.
For example, his comment when fellow sportswriter Jim Hubley passed away: “I admired him because he was a man of principle.”
And when former Gazette and Daily Managing Editor Edward ‘Eddie’ Schaeberle died, Tracy commented, “I can’t begin to say enough about him. He was like the brother I never had.”
So, it’s fitting that we put forth here a comment about Jacque soon after his recent death at age 88… .

This from his son, Steve: “His most exciting time was covering local sports. He enjoyed writing features about athletes and coaches … .”
And we’ll let Jacque have the last word.
At services on May 4, the program included excerpts from his last column:
“Many years ago ,,, writers used to write “thirty,” which was typed as -30-, at the end of a story… .
“Sports has done a lot for me. I hope I have done a little for sports. More than 50 years has passed since I struggled through my first sports assignment. Gosh, that’s more than a half-century. Hey, at least I can say we went into overtime!
“Thanks to all, and on with the games.