York Town Square

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It’s a History Mystery! Photos/stories score well on Facebook, other social media


Twice a day, seven days a week, I put up History Mystery photos on YDR’s Facebook page. One example is above and others below.

I do this for several reasons YDR’s Facebook page  has a following of more than 32,000 fans, so it gets York County history places, people and stories before a large audience. The audience over there are not history specialists, so it gets YorkPa history before a group of “lay people,” who engage, delight and gain information about things of our past.

Further, the photos usually tie to past posts on this blog, bring back old material before new audiences. (I also put some History Mysteries on my own Facebook page. Feel free to like.)

Almost all posts to YDR Facebook gain a reach of 10,000 people and many 20,000 and above. A couple, 50,000 +.

I often bring these YDR Facebook “embeds” back to posts to this blog, as well.

You might see more of these history mysteries on here as we go forward.

Enjoy, and feel free to like, share or comment. If you’re stumped, click on the link and you’ll be delivered to the answer!







On Twitter, too: This is a Twitter “embed”. All posts go up on that @JamesMcClure on that social media platform, too, as will an increasing number of history mysteries.