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Is mystery railroad the old Shrewsbury narrow gauge?

York Town Square reader Paul G. www.ironequine.com has tramped along a mystery railroad line that he believes is the Shrewsbury Railroad.
But he lacks hard evidence to support that… .

He explains his explorations in the entry Mystery Narrow Gauge Railroad of Glen Rock, York County, post on a Pennsylvania logging railroad blog.
If you have information for Paul, comment below or e-mail him directly.
Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from his blog post pointing to some long-forgotten York County villages and crossroads:

“I’m convinced there was a narrow gauge railroad built here, although it seems unlikely it ever operated, at least for very far or very long. But it appears they had fairly lofty goals, and someone needs to record what they can of it before it is lost to urban sprawl.
If anyone in the areas of Glen Rock, Shrewsbury, Bonnair, Centerville, Fiscal, Rockville, Hildebrand, Krebs Valley, Rocky Ridge, Pierceville, Stiltz, Sticks, Glenville, Hokes, Intersection, Black Rock, or Lineboro Pennsylvania can shed any light on this mystery, I would sure like to hear from you!”


A sign points to the presence of a railroad that started near Glen Rock, Pa., in the village of Centerville. But little is known about what could have been an old logging railroad. Background posts: Railroading: ‘It’s something that gets into your blood’, New Freedom station houses alien safe and York’s rail stations scored moments in history.