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Interesting Web site dedicated to American country schools

The York Daily Record/Sunday News book, ‘All in One Room,’ is in production and will be available in June. The hardcover book will explore the memorable one-room schools spread throughout York County until mid-20th century. The book will contain class photos, photos of the schools themselves and memories of those who attended these small schools during a simpler time. The book can be ordered at a pre-sale price of $24.95 plus tax until May 9. For details, call 767-6397 or visit http://www.ydr.com/schoolhouses. The cover photo shows the Myers School in Monaghan Township, Northern York County. Background posts: Little school house in Hanover, Pa., Horse, buggy, one-room school make York County, Pa., comeback and One-room schools evoke multiple memories.

The York Daily Record/Sunday News staff’s work on one-room schools has put us into contact with the Country School Association of America.
That group’s goal: “Dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country school experience. For those who are involved in one-room school preservation, history or re-enactment.” …

One way the association does this is to sponsor an annual conference. This year’s conference is June 16-18 in Oxford, Ohio.
The association’s blog site recently featured “All in One Room” and has regular posts for one-room school fans.
The Country School Association’s site is fascinating and includes a guide to schools that have made it to the National Register of Historic Places.
Shelly School, West York; Stevens School in York, Eichelberger School in Hanover and Fissel’s School in Shrewsbury Township are on the list. Fissel’s appears to be the only York County one-room school on the list.
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