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Mose’s Gulf Service in West York: ‘They will still wash your windows, pump your gas and check the oil in your car’

Mose’s Gulf Service Station in West Manchester Township, seen in this 2004 York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News photo, recently celebrated its 50 anniversary. Mose’s is a rarity in the York area, an independently owned full service gas station. (See additional photo below.) Also of interest: Independent York gas pumper celebrates 50th in 2007 and Lincoln Highway Garageman returned to old York site: ‘I have to take care of my old customers’ and E-mail query: Was the Valley Inn Garage part of Springettsbury Township’s old York Valley Inn?.

Mose’s Gulf Service is a throwback to the days when the Lincoln Highway supported full service gas stations by the dozens. And the days before convenience stores catered to the appeal of one-stop shopping.
But the West York gas station is still there, servicing customers and operating in its 50 year.
Kurt Baker, brother of the current operator of Mose’s, Karl Baker, and various York Daily Record/Sunday News stories provide the following snapshot:

Morris ‘Mose’ Baker, 75, of West York, right, chats with longtime pal, Ray Berkheimer, 74, of Spring Garden Township, at Mose’s Gulf in this 2004 York Daily Record/Sunday News photo.
Location: 1885 W. Market St in West York.
Previous owner: Gladfelter’s Gulf and the station dates back until 1941. It orginally had two bays.
50 years ago: Morris “Mose” Baker, father of Karl and Kurt, purchased the station in 1960. He added a third bay.
Current operator: Karl Baker has operated the station since 1995.
Noteworthy, from Kurt Baker: “It is one of the last full service stations around the city of York, i.e. they will still wash your windows, pump your gas and check the oil in your car.”
Comment from customer: “Some days I just don’t like pumping my own gas. Some days I’ll just let them freeze instead of me.”