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In search of proof that York Fair is America’s first, Part II

fairJoan Concilio, over at Only in York County, picked up this 1947 York Fair program at a local estate sale. Then it was known as the York Interstate Fair, and it still draws people from across America. It has for decades, centuries. The York Fair’s founding in 1765 gives fair promoters the idea that it’s the nation’s oldest. Also of interest: From then until now, York Fair book tells about family fun since 1765 and In search of proof that York Fair is America’s first, Part I.

The headline on Mike Argento’s story poked at a treasured local myth: ‘York Fair: America’s Oldest Fair? Maybe not.’

The York Fair has long touted the idea that it’s America’s first fair. The York Fair even trademarked this idea. It is an old fair, with paperwork documenting its 1765 origin.

But the first? This far inland?

York County was Pennsylvania’s fifth county, founded in 1749. That’s old, but remember that’s about 125 years after the Pilgrims came to America.

Mike Argento found another fair – in Fredericksburg, Va. – that dates itself in 1738.

And the national fair association, without taking sides, acknowledges that there might be older American fairs than those two. Organizers just haven’t gone through the documentation process.

All of this obviously isn’t the most serious debate a community can undertake, but it’s worth noticing.

Communities, in fact, often are shaped and defined by stories. Our stories form a thread that time weaves into a fabric that supports community.

Often, these stories – the York Fair claim is one of them – are innocuous.

But authenticity is important, and we should strive to have our county’s narrative based on truth, not myth.

So journalists – and historians – look at claims such as York Fair’s and make sure they hold up.

The York Fair is old – we can celebrate that – but hardly America’s first.

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