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In search of proof that York Fair is nation’s oldest

A historical marker near the York Fairgrounds states that the York Fair is the oldest such event in America.
So does a York Fair mural on the side of the East Market Street parking garage. (The widest of all the murals at 120 feet.)
And occasionally the claim will find its way into print, as it did in the York Daily Record on Friday.
The problem is that it’s a hard claim to pin down. Two of the oldest York County histories — Gibson’s and Prowell’s — just tell about its founding in 1765… .

The best work so far, by the York Daily Record’s Mike Argento, found a fair in Fredericksburg, Va., dating back to 1738.

In fact, the fallback claim that it’s the oldest continuously operating fair in America is even less grounded.
For about 30 years in the first half of the 19th century, the fair did not operate because the annual event had turned into a place for mischief. In 1815, a man was killed at the fair.
Readers and researchers are welcome to put forth a citation marking it as the nation’s oldest. For now, an excerpted fair history from “Never to be Forgotten” gives a summary, sans the oldest claim:

The York Inter-State Fair dates its origin from a charter issued by the Penn proprietors in 1765 for two annual fairs. Meanwhile, Wednesday and Saturday markets were authorized in York in 1767. The demand for a fair and farmers markets suggests that county growers are producing more goods than needed to feed their families within 30 years after the county is settled. It also points to sufficient population growth, from settlers continuing their westward march, to create a demand for these goods. The fairs ended after 1815 because of the slaying of Robert Dunn. Three men were convicted of manslaughter in Dunn’s death, and a grand jury declared such fairs a public nuisance. Time passed, and the York County Agricultural Society took over the fair in 1853. It has returned on an annual basis since then, except for two years. The fair was held near East King and South Queen streets from 1856 to 1887 and moved to its present ground the next year. The annual event moved from October to September in 1942. In 1876, the whole family could attend the fair for $1. Single admission was 25 cents. Carriages could enter for $1… .

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In search of proof that York Fair is America’s oldest.