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In search of Potato Town, York County’s agricultural ghost town, Part Last: Linked in to history, 4/25/13

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Check out these scores of History Mystery quizzes here. And now, on to: Potato Town, York County, Pennsylvania, USA, was for years a bustling agricultural hamlet. Today, it’s one old house – and old schoolhouse – and flat Codorus Creek bottomland that appears to have the fertility needed to grow the crop that gave its name.  To learn a lot more about this agricultural ghost town, check out YorksPast piece: Yorkblogger Stephen Smith finds Potato Town. Also of interest:  In search of Potato Town, York County, Pa., Part I.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Fred Beihl is a collector, an auctioneer and an expert on safes. So when he writes with tips about opening old safes and vaults, I take notice and so do our readers: York Safe & Lock: If you have a locked safe, how do you get it open?   He tells the story about how he got a small safe and includes some tips about cracking the code:

“I just got my Great Grandfather’s safe from Bayside, New York (no other family member wanted it).
“It is not a York Safe but it was an adventure to move. The job took only about 1 hour to winch up this 350 lbs. (Victor Safe circa 1910) 12 steps and load into the back of my station wagon.”
“With this safe I thought of yet another “Short” answer on how to open a safe with a known combination.

“Here is the short answer for known combinations:

“Dials with 100 numbers: 4L, 3R, 2L, 1R
“Dials with 60 numbers: 3R, 2L, 1R

“What does this mean? Spin 4 times left to first number, Right 3 times to 2nd number, 2 times left to third number,1 time Right to last number hear click turn to open. Same with 3 number combinations only one less number.”

Fred Beihl with his new safe. It was an early J. Baum Safe & Lock Co. (Cincinnati) safe.  Baum was established in 1898. If you have questions about opening a locked safe or, really, anything about York Safe and Lock products or other safes, contact Fred: Contact information: www.beihlbuysellgoldsilvercoins.com.

Remember when? Brook Leaf Love Nest tree house was known as a Hellam honeymoon spot for years: Did you ever stay there or know anyone who did? Wonder whether such a place could operated successfully today?

10-year anniversary?: Yesterday came and went with no nod from Red Lion School District or elsewhere in the Red Lion community about the devastating murder of middle school Principal Eugene Segro 10 years ago. A student, Jimmy Sheets, shot the principal and then turned the gun on himself on April 24, 2003. This ydr.com story summarizes what has been done to remember this occasion in the past, even with the lack of observances on this key anniversary this week.

Remember the royals? Ydr.com’s ‘Remember’ series is seeking memories about Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family. Check out how to impart those precious thoughts about the royals: Remember Queen Elizabeth.

Forum of the day: Exchangers are discussing activities linked in with Gettysburg 150.

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